one day, woody woke up.

something whappened because when he looks around at t-rex toy he sees that somehting is missing….. his eye! he only as one eye.  ”This is stupid shit.” t-rez toy says t looking around (except it’s hard for him to look around much because he only has one eye). woody says “why are you like that what hat is that?”.

than adny comes into room and something is amiss! his eye also (theyre is no blood just the eye is moved into the middle of the face there is more skin on the face and woodeye is not sure where THAT came from). then anyd picks up and says “eye WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU WOSY!” then he also picks up buzz of star command and he doedsn’t have eye eiether

that’s my story no more complex than that +/

oh boy forgot this was written by NASCAR thank him

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